Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have been working on a tray for another Cricut message board swap. I will be mailing it to my partner next week so I can't post a picture yet. I recently had the opportunity to participant in a Tim Holtz workshop in nearby CT.

 While I have never been a super huge fan, I do like some of the techniques that he does and have lots of his inks, paints, stains and ideology trinkets. At the workshop we used his Configurations Book for our project. This was way out of my comfort zone because I like everything nice and neat looking and there was also no theme what so ever to this book. I actually thought the doll was creepy but then decided to cut her in half!!!!!! Here is my finished book. I think I did pretty good for a beginner.
Front cover

Inside cover


Back Cover

I had so much fun with this, that I did a configuration tray for my swap partner.
Try one  and see what you can create!!!!

 Here are a couple trays  that I made last year..  No comparison with the one made at the workshop!!!!! I can't get over how "simple" mine were.  I am tempted to add lots more stuff to the two Christmas ones!!!!!
This one I used all ATCs on

                                                         BEFORE pictures

                                                       AFTER pictures added



Kim said...

All of your trays are great! I have one waiting to put all of my steampunk ATCs in. And I agree about the dolls being creepy... Have never liked those!

Maria Calderone said...

Jean, the trays look awesome, it's nice that you're trying new techniques, never know what you can accomplish until you try, it's great.

Lori said...

Your trays look wonderful! I love jow you spelt out family with the scrabble tiles.

Tanya said...

Awesome work! I love the Configuration Book!!