Sunday, July 21, 2013


The weather has cooled of a little today but it is still in the 80's. I know it is summer and it's supposed to be hot, but this humidity is terrible.

In between making frames, I have been doing "Cards for Soldiers" on the Cricut message board.
I am finishing up some everyday cards and then we get to do Christmas in July cards!!!
I went thru some of my scraps and came up with this basic design. (I still have lots more scraps I can use). I punched out some scalloped squares, popped them up on the card front and heat embossed various sayings.  Simple but nice and I get rid of scraps which I can never seem to throw away. I just might use up some holiday scraps the same way.
My partner received her ticket strips so I can post pictures of them now. The top strip has Aruba sand and shells!!!The bottom strip was an experiment using metal tape and alcohol inks. Not great but I sent it anyway. LOL

Thanks for looking.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Partner swaps

I can now reveal a few items I made for swaps on the Cricut message board.
My first project posted is another new adventure for me. We had to make a Domino book for our partner. Mine asked for Steampunk/Halloween. I'm not really a big fan of Halloween and haven't done much steampunk but I think I did okay!!!!
I used  3 different colors of Chunky embossing powder on the dominos. I grunged up the embellishments and added glowing eyes on the skeleton. For the inside I used Graphic 45 Steamounk Spell paper line.

My next project was to alter something recycled and my partner asked for something Fall themed. I had what I though was a great idea but it fizzled!!!
So I found some old 4X4 posts that were part of our old deck and made them into candle holders. I used the Elmer's glue method of crackling, then put on a few coats of mod podge.
I added some artificial flowers on the top  and  tied some raffia around the middle.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Altered frames

 Between finishing up some swaps  and trying to make some things for a craft show, I have been super busy the last week or so.
 I have a few frames finished. For these, I used the Elmer's glue technique. First you paint your frame with any color that you want to show thru  your top coat and let it dry. I used brown  on one and black on the other two . Then apply a coat of Elmer's glue. Once it gets tacky, you put on your top layer of paint.  I used white on all of mine but you can use any color.  Always use your darker color to paint the frame. Just make sure and not go back and forth too much or the paint mixes with the glue and the effects aren't as good.
Very simple and you get a great look.

Thanks for looking!!!! I'll be back with some different ones once I cut my new craft knife.
Here are a couple more than I finished up. I used regular printed paper, trimmed with a craft knife, sanded and inked all the edges and then added some embellishments.

Thee last 2 were done using chunky embossing powders. Both fall colors with one being more browns and the other is more reddish A very different look and I still need to add some embellies.

Thanks for looking. If you have any questions on how I made any of these, feel free to ask.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Configurations Tray

I hope everyone has survived these hot days. I have tried to stay either in the pool or in the AC whenever possible!!!
I joined a swap on the Cricut MB where we needed to alter a tray for a partner.
After taking the Tim Holtz workshop and making his configurations book, I knew I wanted to try the configurations tray and use some of the techniques I learned.

My partner's theme was Patriotic Vintage. After doing some history research and getting some input from my sister who is big into genealogy and history, I came up with my ideas. I went to various flea markets, yard sales and craft stores to find just the right embellishments to add to the little boxes. I found some game pieces, a horse, an eagle,  star and some military insignia. I also added a few things that were from my family but not sure if they were my Dad's, grandfather's or husbands.
 I used some digi patriotic paper in some of the boxes and then pictures of different historic events in others. You will see Betsy Ross, Statue of Liberty, American Eagle, signing of the  Declaration, & Paul Revere's Ride. I used TH tissue tape to lock all the boxes together. Inked and sealed it all before I added any of the items. The bottom right compartment has a battery pack so that Paul Revere's  lantern lights up.

 Now that my partner has received it, I can post some pictures.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I have been working on a tray for another Cricut message board swap. I will be mailing it to my partner next week so I can't post a picture yet. I recently had the opportunity to participant in a Tim Holtz workshop in nearby CT.

 While I have never been a super huge fan, I do like some of the techniques that he does and have lots of his inks, paints, stains and ideology trinkets. At the workshop we used his Configurations Book for our project. This was way out of my comfort zone because I like everything nice and neat looking and there was also no theme what so ever to this book. I actually thought the doll was creepy but then decided to cut her in half!!!!!! Here is my finished book. I think I did pretty good for a beginner.
Front cover

Inside cover


Back Cover

I had so much fun with this, that I did a configuration tray for my swap partner.
Try one  and see what you can create!!!!

 Here are a couple trays  that I made last year..  No comparison with the one made at the workshop!!!!! I can't get over how "simple" mine were.  I am tempted to add lots more stuff to the two Christmas ones!!!!!
This one I used all ATCs on

                                                         BEFORE pictures

                                                       AFTER pictures added


Monday, July 1, 2013

ATC & layouts

Another humid day here today so I am in my scrap room with the AC on!!!
I have 3 or 4 different projects that I am working on for people so I can't post any of them just yet.
So today I will post a few ATCs  from last Dec and some layouts that I recently finished.

This is a sunrise in the Dominican Republic

 Different flora, fauna and architect around our resort

 North shore of Aruba
 Iguanas in town in Aruba