Thursday, February 13, 2014

My latest projects were for a Christmas swap on the Cricut message board. We had to make a bunch of different items following some directives. I really enjoyed making all of these and tried to do something different for each. Let me start with my snowflakes. They were made using clock hands and a small circle token. Super easy!!!
Then I made a canvas. I used various TH stencils, paints, glitter, etc. I added a poinsettia that I die cut and added glitter to. I found a saying that I liked and added it on using different types of media.
I then made some note cards using black & white glossy cardstock, Judikins mica gloss paint and a stamp. You put a drop of a few different colors of the paint on white glossy cardstock. Then take another piece of white cardstock and lay it on top. Smooch them around a bit to blend in the colors. Take of the top piece and use these as your paint pallet. Press your stamp into the paint and then onto the black cardstock. I love this filigree type stamp!!!!
I am not the greatest at making mini albums bit I really liked this vertical  paper bag one. I made a Beach themed one and though that Christmas would be a great one also. It has about 80 spots for photos, journaling or whatever you want. I added more pockets, tags, and spots to use. There are lots of steps and it is very time consuming but I love how they both came out!!!! Here is a picture of the outside and another of the inside showing all of the pages.

I made a couple tags also. One is using an embossing folder with  Distress paint, inks and heat embossing. The other is using fragments. Both are using Tim Holtz ideas and materials.

Okay, 1 more and I am done for today!!!! This is one of my all time favorite projects. It is right up there with Silas. LOL
  I decide to do a shadowbox. The theme for this was snowman. I had to really think about it because my partner lives in Florida and I know they don't have snowmen there.  So I decide to go with "things that people do in winter." I had such a great time figuring out what I wanted to do for each little box. First I covered all the boxes with paper and tied them together with tissue tape. (I learned this at a Tim Holtz class I went to). Starting at the top left. I added skis, a sled and ice skates.  Next is a tree and a deer(winter to lots of people) Top right is a glass dome filled with Aruba shells and sand( for her home state of Florida). Next is a basket filled with greens and berries next to a bottle of snow. Of course I had to have a snowman!!! The box to the right is games. who doesn't play games in the winter. I added dice, domino,  puzzle piece, monopoly house and bingo things(10-5 for her birthday) Bottom left is for Christmas with a wreath, bulb and decorations. Center box has 2 red birds on tree branches. (Reminds me of winter) The last box is for New Years with a bottle and a fancy drink!!!!! I added feet and a few snowflakes and then added a small amount of spray snow to finish it off.
Hope you enjoyed my projects and I was going to say I will post more often but I can't promise that will happen!!!!!!

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Maria Calderone said...

These are great, looking forward to your next projects!