Sunday, October 9, 2011


We have been receiving items from Crystals Swap on the Cricut MB so I thought I would post a couple that I sent to my partner Princess Jamie.
We were supposed to stick to one theme and Jamie liked pink, frilly & bling so I went with that

Here are a couple pictures of the mini that I made.  Jamie also likes Shabby Chic, but I  really didn't know how to do that so I kinda combined her colors with vintage!!!!!
Hopefully she likes them both.
The last picture is my shoe and stickpins that I made. For my first attempt, I think they all came out cute.


Cheryl Walker said...

Beautiful work Jean!!! love theshoe and the pins too.

Thank you for the well wishes, thye moved my surgery to thursday since im still really swollen, anyways i wanted to give you my email until i can get on there to leave comments. i have my computer down stairs set with passcode, and cant change it, im getting help tomorrow to be able to hopefully get on. I wanted to have the video up, but friday night i fell. anyways tell everyone i miss them already!!!!

OCCricut said...

They are all very pretty!!!!

Gina Thornton said...

Wow these are great Jean!!! I love all of the projects! And good gravy where did you learn to make that shoe???