Sunday, June 27, 2010

I finally broke down and got a Gypsy. I won it on ebay for a great price(less than $100) but I haven't received it yet!!!!!!!!!!!  I just received notice that it has been shipped. I am really looking forward to trying it out.
I received a couple awards from friends but have no idea how to get them on this blog. I am so sorry to those that have given them to me. If and when I can figure it out, I will certainly let you know.I have been working on some layouts for myself and my daughter.
The Cricut board has a weekly sketch to follow and I have been trying to do them each week. Here area couple from different vacations we have been on.


Kate said...

Great layouts Jean!! What fantastic memories you must have!
Here's a link to a tutorial about the awards/sidebar. I hope you can get it to work for you!

Kate said...

Oops! I forgot the link!! said...

great pages!
Yay on the gypsy.
I ordered one from a seller almost three weeks ago and still have not seen it:)
I wanted to invite you to my message board. We have a scrap area and I would love for other cricut users to come post with me:)