Saturday, January 2, 2010


I have become addicted to ATCs!!!!!
I am in 2 different ATC swaps right now and eagerly await their arrival so I can marvel over the ideas people come up with.
The last one I was in of GrammaP's was a huge success!!!! It was a "Mix & Match" swap where you had to combine 2 different ideas together to make your ATC. My "Grinch" one is from that swap. Her new one is "2+2" Swap where you need 2 techniques and 2 colors to make your ATC.
Here are some various ATCs that I have made for swaps.


Myra said...

love these!

Marie said...

Ooh I especially love the No place like home one love wizard of oz. Hope there in the swap I am in with you LOL. great work.